V60 Pour Over 2 Cup

  • Grind Size: Medium
  • Coffee: 30g / 3 tbsps / 2 scoops
  • Water: 500ml / 2 cups
  • Brew Time: 3 minutes

Add a filter to the V60, and place it over your mug/server.

Wet your filter with hot water, this will also pre-heat your server (remember to discard the water)

Add 30g of freshly ground coffee (medium grind setting)

Heat filtered water to 93.5 degrees (or just off the boil)

Add 60-80g/ml of water to the coffee, make sure to wet all the coffee grounds.

Wait 30-40 seconds for bloom.

Continuously & slowly pour the remaining 420-440g/ml of water over the coffee for the next 2.30 - 3 minutes.

When you've finished pouring, give your V60 a swirl.

Once dripping has stopped, discard the filter & enjoy!

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