Chimney Fire Winter Chai

It wouldn’t be winter without foggy mornings, long walks in the Surrey Hills and a delicious coffee to match the scene. After weeks of trialing various combinations, and tasting all kinds of brew methods - we give you our Winter Chai.

What is a Winter Chai?

A fusion of two old favourites - our in-house experienced barista / coffee mixologist, Cephas, has created a drink that is a perfect mix of coffee and tea.

To create the Chimney Fire Winter Chai, we teamed up with local family run tea business, Teasup and have blended their Tumeric Chai No.9 Blend with our Colombia Finca Las Cruces. Try it black or add milk for the perfect blend of tea, spices, coffee and sweetness, almost like melted ginger bread. The flavours are stunning!

Brew it at home

See our recommended Winter Chai recipes for espresso and filter below. The Winter Chai is available here if you’d like to try some of these for yourself at home!

Other Winter Chai Recipes

Winter Chai Recipe for Cafetiere

50g medium grind coffee (6 tablespoons)

15g chai blend (2 tablespoons)

Brew Time: 4mins

Serves 3 - 4

-       Boil water (850ml)

-       Place the coffee and chai blend in Cafetiere

-       Add water 30s after boiling

-       Place the lid on top and steep for 4mins

Press and enjoy with a dash of milk!

Winter Chai Recipe for Stovetop

11g fine grind coffee (1 heaped tablespoon)

4g chai blend (1 teaspoon)

Brew Time: 2mins

Serves 1

-       Boil water (250ml)

-       Add the heated water to the recommended line

-       With the basket on the brewer, add the coffee and chai blend

-       Assemble top & bottom and  place on stove-top with lid open

-       Approx. 2mins – remove from stove-top

-       Enjoy as a long black, or add a dash of milk

Winter Chai Recipe for Aeropress

14g medium grind coffee (1 heaped Aeropress scoop)

4g chai blend (1 teaspoon)

Brew Time: 1min 30s

Serves 1

-       Boil water (200ml)

-       Setup the Aeropress to the inverted method

-       Rinse filter paper with boiled water through the lid into the mug/server & dispose water

-       Place the coffee and chai blend in the Aeropress

-       Start timer and pour 90ml of water covering all the ingredients

-       Stir well and place the lid with filter paper on

-       At 1min 30s, flip and press gently

-       Enjoy as an ‘espresso’ type coffee or steam some milk for a Christmas flat white

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