Stove Top 3 Cup

  • Grind Size: Medium - Fine
  • Coffee: 14g
  • Water: 130ml
  • Brew Time: 40 seconds

Preheat filter water in your kettle.

Add 14g of freshly ground coffee (medium-fine grind) to the funnel.

Carefully add 130ml/g of boiling filter water to the water chamber of the stove top.

Carefully place funnel (containing coffee) into water chamber and screw on top compartment.

Place stove top on stove at high heat.

Extraction should take around 40 seconds.

Once liquid coffee is coming from the spout, wait until it bubbles.

When it bubbles, take off heat, and run bottom of stove top under cold water tap. To cool down the water.

This should stop extraction, meaning your coffee won't be burnt or over extracted.


*For a sweeter flavour, use medium grind*

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