So. Iced coffee.. It feels like the end of spring, which means it’s time to get those windows open, put the deck chairs out and enjoy this chocolate, citrus-y nectar.. over ice! 

Iced coffee made with espresso has that punch you can expect from whisky on the rocks and has a flavour balance that lures all kinds of coffee drinkers. You’ll notice with iced coffee that espresso can taste milder and the natural sweetness - at low temperatures is mellow! Also, with espresso you don’t need to brew it ahead of time like a cold brew, enjoy it on demand! Tip: Use a glass chilled in the fridge or the freezer for best results. It helps keep the coffee cold, and it looks cool too. 

Here are our favourite iced espresso recipes for espresso and stovetop.


Espresso Recipe

  • 20g Fine Grind

  • Extraction time: 30s

  • 40-50ml output

Stovetop Recipe

  • 14g (7g in a single cup stovetop)

  • 60ml water (just off the boil)

  • Extraction 45s

  • 40-50ml output

Ice, milk, espresso - in that order. 

We always love to see your creations - tag us on Instagram @chimneyfirecoffee

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