Espresso Sage Barista Pro

  • Grind Size: Fine
  • Coffee: 19-21g
  • Water: 38-42ml
  • Brew Time: 26-30 seconds
  • Ratio: 1:2 (Coffee:Water)

Add 20g of freshly ground coffee fine grind to your double portafilter basket.

Carefully distribute grounds and tamp evenly.

Wipe off any loose grounds on the portafilter rim.

Attach and lock into espresso machine.

Place cup under portafilter, on a tared set of scales.

Hold down double shot button, until "Manual" flashes up and until the pre-infusion timer is between 3-5 seconds.

Wait for weight of liquid coffee to be between 38-42ml, which should be around 26-30 seconds, hit double shot button to stop extraction.

Add steamed milk, hot water or enjoy as an espresso!

*If shoc runs too quickly, use a finer grind settings on your machine, if shot runs too slowly, use a coarser grind setting on your machine*

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