Aeropress Condensed

  • Grind Size: Fine
  • Coffee: 18g
  • Water: 100ml
  • Brew Time: 1 minute 45 seconds

Add filter to cap & carefully wet with hot water, this will also pre-heat your server (discard waste water)

Invert your aeropress by placing the plunger into the main aeropress body to form a seal.

Add 18g of freshly ground coffee to the aeropress (fine grind)

Heat filtered water to 96 degrees (or just off the boil)

Add 100g/ml of water.

Give it a good stir.

Secure your lid, and carefully push out any excess air.

Let it brew untill you hit the 1 minute 35 seconds brewing time.

Add your funnel, and carefully flip the aeropress into your cup.

Press down evenly, finishing at 1 minute 45 seconds.

Remove aeropress & enjoy!

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