Plant A Tree On Earth Day

Thanks to everyone who planted a tree for Earth Day.

A TREE FOR EVERY ORDER ON EARTH DAY Thursday 22nd April is Earth Day. For every order received today, we will plant a tree to support Camino Verde, a project close to where we source our Peruvian coffee. You will receive an email from our partner Tree-Nation, an NGO dedicated to fighting climate change, including the planting certificate and more information about the reforestation projects that Chimney Fire Coffee supports. 200kg of CO2 is offset per tree planted.

THE PROJECT: CAMINO VERDE PERU A project close to where we source our Peruvian coffee, Camino Verde is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and understanding biodiversity, protecting indigenous rights and spreading sustainable ways of life in the in the Peruvian Amazon.

Planting Site Camino Verde La Joya Nursery. The small demonstration parcels around the nursery show off this biodiversity in mixed planting systems intended to restore degraded pastures.

A forest for the trees of the Amazon, Camino Verde Tambopata is a reforestation center and organization whose work lies at the intersection between people and forests. The Living Seed Bank is home to experimental plantations with over 350 species of native Amazonian trees planted to date. Nurseries produce thousands of seedlings representing over a hundred species a year.

A biodiversity hot spot, the Madre de Dios region and the Tambopata Province are home to an age-old knowledge of practical plant lore regarding the use of hundreds of species of trees and other plants. As a result of population booms and rapidly accelerating development in the past three decades, forests began to suffer the telltale signs of over-exploitation. Formerly robust populations of the dozens of species of timber trees harvested commercially have dwindled precipitously in recent years.

Now more than ever, we benefit from practical knowledge of the use, management, and restoration of native forest resources, many of which are poorly understood and improperly studied. Along with seeds planted, the forests need people who recognize the seeds, know how to plant and care for the trees, and experience the value of the fruits and other products.

THE SPECIES: INGA EDULIS Inga edulis is a wonder tree. It restores compacted and degraded soils with abundant nitrogen-rich organic matter. One of the most important tools in the toolkit for neotropical forest landscape restoration, able to transform cattle ranches and even former gold mining to productive life. And, its fruit is edible and loved by children.

The Inga Edulis tree species.

PLANTING TREES WITH OUR NEW LOCAL ECO-DELIVERY SERVICE This marks the start of an exciting partnership with Tree-Nation and Eco Carry, our new carbon neutral delivery service.

One tree is planted for every local drop. Thanks to our local wholesale partners who have helped offset 460kg of CO2 over the last couple of weeks.

GET IN TOUCH TO FIND OUT MORE Get in touch to find out more about our sustainability projects or other ways you can support our charity partners, Tree-Nation or Re-Cycle.

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