The development of our two house espressos have been at the core of everything we do here at Chimney Fire. After lots of customer feedback and numerous taste tests at the roastery, we recently decided to update our Signature Espresso from a blend (previously known as Ranmore) to our most popular single origin - Fazenda Sertao from Brazil.


Brazil Signature Espresso (previously known as Ranmore)

The Brazil Fazenda Sertao has always been one of our most popular coffees so we were trying to make small tweaks to the Ranmore to bring out more of the Brazilian chocolate and hazelnut flavour profile. Traditionally, blends were created to hide poorer quality coffee but since we have never done this and as Brazil was already the main component of our Ranmore, someone here came up with the bright idea of just using 100% Brazil for our Signature Espresso rather than a Brazil/ Peru/Guatemala blend. We've done lots of tests and for Ranmore lovers, this change should not affect the recipe you are using nor have a big impact on the flavour profile of the coffee - we only see more of a 'melted Snickers' profile and the slightly reduced acidity being a positive thing. Click here for more info about our Brazil Signature Espresso.

Peru Classic Espresso

This coffee has very much become a firm favourite with our customers since it first landed in our roastery in 2019. Long-term, direct relationships are really important to us as they provide the stability for producers, particularly during these challenging times. We’ve been working directly with Marjorie from Cooperativa De Servicios Multiples Juan Marco El Palto for over two years now, paying 35% over the Fairtrade price for this coffee and increasing volumes year on year. This cooperative is certified organic and every year on Earth Day, we plant trees in Peru not far from where we source this coffee from. A full-bodied espresso roast, our Peru Classic Espresso is perfect for people who prefer a more traditional tasting coffee with low acidity. Click here for more info about our Peru Classic Espresso.

We have long standing relationships for both of these coffees, and as always you can find full farm details for each of these coffees through the QR code on our bags.

Grab a cup of Classic or Signature

A huge congrats to our wholesale partners who were able to open properly yesterday. From Surbiton to Reigate - St John’s Wood to Imperial Wharf, get in touch if you’d like to know where to find your nearest cup of Chimney Fire Coffee.

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