Espresso Brew Guide

So you've just got yourself a shiny new espresso machine, but what to do now?

Read on and watch our video to learn how to get a great extraction for a rich, balanced, and smooth espresso.

You will need

  • Espresso machine
  • Whole Bean or fine ground coffee (how about our Americas House Espresso?)
  • Filtered water (a BRITA filter works great)
  • Coffee tamper

Recommended Recipe

  • 19g ground coffee
  • 28-32 second extraction
  • 38g output (1:2 ratio)

How to get the perfect coffee extraction

  1. Grind 19g coffee at the correct grind size* - we recommend measuring your beans out in a cup before putting them in the hopper, rather than putting the whole bag in there. Your coffee will stay fresher in our compostable bags, and you'll be able to measure your dosage more accurately!
  2.  Tamp (press down) the coffee firmly. You can move the tamper in a circular direction a few times to help distribute the coffee grounds and prevent chanelling.
  3. Hook your portafilter into the machine and place your scales under the cup if you have a set.
  4. Time your extraction from the moment you press the start button to when your coffee to when the coffee reaches around 35g. The last few drips will take you up to the 38g you need!
  5. Don't forget to bash out the used coffee puck and clean your portafilter basket right away, to prevent oil build up over time. Want to do something cool with your used grounds? Check out our blog post Reducing Waste From Coffee Consumption 🌱
*If shot runs too quickly, use a finer grind setting on your machine, and vice versa - if shot runs too slowly, use a coarser grind setting on your machine

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