Nathan's Chimney Fire Coffee Nog

This delicious winter warmer created by our man Nathan has all the boozy deliciousness of eggnog, with added coffee (and without the eggs!). You will need:

  • Espresso shot (how about this month's Discovery Coffee?)
  • 50ml Chimney Fire Coffee x Wry Vodka Espresso Martini
  • 150ml whole milk or oat milk
  • Optional: a spoonful of hot chocolate flakes or powder
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon powder to finish

First of all, make yourself a shot of your favourite espresso (we recommend our Peru Classic Espresso for this recipe, or you could use one of our compostable Nespresso® compatible pods if you have a pod machine).

Next, mix the espresso martini into the milk and add a spoon of hot chocolate powder/flakes if you have a sweet tooth. If you have an espresso machine then mix it all together and use your steam wand* to add air, making a nice silky foam.

Now simply pour the steamed mix over your espresso as you would if you were making a latte, sprinkle a little cinnamon powder on top, and enjoy this boozy festive coffee treat!

* Not got a way of steaming milk? Don't worry! Simply warm up the milk/martini mix in a small frying pan and thoroughly whisk it together by hand or in a blender, then pour over your coffee. If you don't have an espresso machine, you can make a longer coffee drink (e.g. with a cafetiere) and add it to the pan to be whisked in.

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