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Southwest of Guatemala City, under the imposing shadows of the La Horqueta volcanic complex, lies Finca Medina. Over thousands of years, the region's three peaks — Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango, all over 12,000ft tall — have produced a rich, fertile soil that presents perfect conditions for growing outstanding coffee.

The bourbon varietals growing in this verdant land thrive under the canopies of gravilea and inga trees. Combined with low humidity, sunny days, and cool nights, this shade-grown coffee is elegant and balanced, with a rich, sweet finish.

Our summer special release from Rainforest Alliance certified Finca Medina is a natural processed coffee, dried on African (raised) beds for around 30 days ensuring optimal flavour balance. First impressions reminiscent of Liquorice Allsorts mellow to a soft, stewed strawberry finish. This coffee set a new record for the fastest our team has polished off an entire bowl on the cupping table… we couldn't get enough of it!

What's a Microlot?

The terms Single Origin or Single Estate are common in speciality coffee, but Microlots are becoming increasingly popular. These are far more than coffee marketing terms, and can often directly correlate to the provenance, level of transparency and quality of the coffee.

A great analogy for microlot coffee is an apple orchard. If you notice one small area of your orchard produces either higher quality or different tasting apples of a specific variety (perhaps sweeter or juicier), then you might want to give those a bit more attention and sell them separately to the others. 

It’s the same for coffee microlots. These are special lots of coffee, selected for their high quality and unique flavour profiles, and usually grown in limited quantities and picked and processed entirely separately to the rest of the farm's lots.

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