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Our first special release for 2024 comes from the very same hills as our Brazil Signature Espresso, and is one of four different lots we've purchased this year from producer CarmoCoffees. We only have 90 x 250g bags to sell of this high quality coffee, so we expect it to sell out very quickly. 

Fazenda IP rises up north-facing slopes of the Alto do Purgatório ridgeline. The steep banks and shady aspect provide ideal growing conditions for high quality coffee, and we have a chosen a microlot for this special release - meaning these beans have been selected for their exceptional taste. 

The farm was purchased in 1967 by Isidro Pereira, father of Luiz Paulo who now runs the operation. The original plot was less than 150 hectares, but after decades of expansion and strategic planning the planted area now stands at more than 300. There are also 12 natural springs on the farm, and 80 hectares is set aside for preservation of native forest land. 

Delicate flavours of peach and lavender honey balance perfectly in the cup with an incredible deep strawberry sweetness, the result of cherries that ripen slowly at a high altitude. We are excited to share with you this beautiful natural processed coffee from an area we know and love.

What's a Microlot?

The terms Single Origin or Single Estate are common in speciality coffee, but Microlots are becoming increasingly popular. These are far more than coffee marketing terms, and can often directly correlate to the provenance, level of transparency and quality of the coffee.

A great analogy for microlot coffee is an apple orchard. If you notice one small area of your orchard produces either higher quality or different tasting apples of a specific variety (perhaps sweeter or juicier), then you might want to give those a bit more attention and sell them separately to the others. 

It’s the same for coffee microlots. These are special lots of coffee, selected for their high quality and unique flavour profiles, and usually grown in limited quantities and picked and processed entirely separately to the rest of the farm's lots.

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