We consistently produce high quality coffees from our roastery in the Surrey Hills.

Our roastery is located in the peaceful Surrey Hills, where we’ve been based since 2017. In 2022 we moved our whole company a few miles down the road to a large unit on Denbies Wine Estate, where we have a brand new 30kg roaster, our purpose built production area, roastery shop, tasting room, and importantly, our roasting team who consistently produces exceptional coffee. 

As a team we are extremely passionate about sourcing, roasting and developing recipes for each and every coffee we roast - there are many factors to consider throughout the roasting process. With each new coffee, we trial a number of different roasts to get the optimum roast and flavour profile. For example, high altitude African coffees, such as our Ethiopia Nano Challa sometimes lend themselves to a filter roast to draw out acidity and citrus flavours, however we need to test different roasts to work out what is best for the individual batch of beans.

If you visit us on a roast day, you’ll might find it’s more technical than expected. We use roast profiling software for each production roast - this doesn’t automate the process but provides a guide for our two roasters to ensure consistency and a great tasting coffee time after time. We are fully compliant with food safety standards within the roastery and production area, with a five star hygiene rating.

Coffee cupping is the final quality process, and it ultimately plays a key part in helping us decide which beans and roasts to go for. We cup most days and host regular cupping sessions with our wholesale partners and during our coffee experiences.

If you’re looking to taste coffees with different roast and flavour profiles, then one of our taster packs is a good place to start. Alternatively, please click here for more info on which roast profile is best for you.


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