Half Caff Bundle



Half Caff Bundle

Enjoy a bright and balanced cup of coffee, with a fraction of the caffeine.

Our El Salvador El Cipres (strawberry, wine gums, caramel) coffee pairs perfectly with our Natural Decaf Espresso.

We recommend starting out with a 50/50 mix of El Salvador and Decaf, and adjust according to taste or caffeine requirements! To learn more about half caff coffees, check out our blog post Half Caff Coffee: What's the Deal?

Bundle includes

250g El Salvador El Cipres

250g Natural Decaf Espresso

Suitable for all brewing methods.


The principle of half caff is simple - blend a regular coffee with a decaf, giving you less caffeine per cup. You can get as nerdy as you like with your recipe - anything from a scoop of each, right up to painstakingly micro-managed ratios using jewellers scales and a calculator. 

Despite living and breathing coffee, our team members are not immune to the effects of caffeine - a 50/50 half caff El Salvador can often be found on the go if it’s after 3pm. This is a great ratio to start with, allowing you to adjust either way for taste or caffeination. There’s never a wrong answer, as long as it’s tasty!

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