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Last time we had a coffee from this region, it was our Operations Manager Row’s absolute favourite Discovery Coffee of all time! 

She says, “Back in 2021, the coffee from this producer really reminded me of fresh strawberries and it had a lovely creamy body, which made it my favourite espresso of the year.

For me, this new crop is the perfect natural - a sweet, fruit forward, well-balanced and super accessible brew for anyone trying a natural processed coffee for the first time.

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Each month we introduce a new and interesting coffee from around the world. This could be a new origin or region that we haven’t sourced from before, a new process or varietal, or something seasonal with a unique flavour profile. 

The full origin and coffee information is purposely hidden - you can only find out where this coffee is from by scanning the QR code on the front of the bag. This is simply because A) we want to introduce the element of surprise, B) we want to remove origin bias (preconceptions about a coffee based on where it comes from), and C) we love making up the clues for each new coffee!

We only have a limited supply of each new Discovery Coffee, and each one is only available from the 1st until the last day of the month. Discovery Coffee Subscribers and those who are signed up to our newsletter have first priority on this coffee, so don't wait too long if you'd like to try something new!

Find out more about our previous Discovery Coffees here.


As part of our Discovery Coffee initiative, we’re incredibly pleased to partner up with Re-Cycle (Bikes to Africa), a small charity who recycle bikes from the UK and ships them to rural communities in Africa, changing people’s lives for the better and saving the environment at the same time. Chimney Fire Coffee will be donating 25p for every 250g bag or £1 for every 1kg bag of Discovery Coffee to support their work and help make it easier for people to get to work, school or other necessities. For every 28 kilos of coffee we roast, a single bike plus spare parts will be sent to Africa.

We’re really excited about introducing this coffee to you and hope it will give some an opportunity to showcase new and interesting origins, flavours and stories. We also want to highlight that feedback is welcome! Whether you really like or dislike a coffee, please let us know - you never know, we might end up sourcing it and adding it to our core range for the next crop year!

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