Ethically sourced coffee, compostable packaging, and social impact

We work hard to try and create a fully sustainable coffee journey by focusing on transparent sourcing, working directly with growers and sharing their stories, and using biodegradable packaging.

We are constantly striving to find ways we can improve. Here is some further information on our sustainability commitments.

Where does our coffee come from?

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Ethical Sourcing

We are extremely passionate about traceability, and aim to be fully transparent on how we source our coffee: where it is is grown and by whom, and every step of its journey from the farm to your cup.

We work directly with growers, making regular farm visits and paying at least 35% over FairTrade base rates for their coffee. Forming direct and long-term relationships is hugely important, as it provides a sustainable source of income for our suppliers. You can read more about one of our direct partnerships (with the Don Tomas Estate in El Salvador) here.

We invest in quality, and only source ‘specialty grade’ coffee - meaning our coffee has a minimum score of 80/100 when graded for attributes such as aroma, flavour and balance. All of our coffees are above a score of 84.

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chimney fire coffee re-cycle donations

Re-Cycle Charity Partnership

We donate 25p from every 250g bag and £1 from every 1kg bag of all Discovery Coffee sales to Re-Cycle, a small charity who recycle bikes from the UK and ships them to rural communities in Africa.

Re-Cycle work with partners in Africa, who unload the bikes and employ people to refurbish them locally. They then put them into Re-Cycle lead projects or distribute them to people living in rural communities. So far, Re-Cycle have helped increase school attendance by 30% and donated over 112,000 bikes to Africa - with 98% still operational after 3 years.

For every 28 kilos of coffee roasted, a single bike plus spare parts will be sent to Africa.

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After more than two years research and development, we are proud to have recently updated all of our packing materials. We now use fully compostable or recyclable packaging and plastic-free delivery boxes and tape which has helped us to reduce our landfill waste and lower our carbon emissions.

Our roastery by-products - such as used coffee sacks, palettes, and chaff - are either donated to local businesses (such as the vineyard next door!) or can be picked up by individuals who wish to stop by. If you would like any of these materials, please get in touch.

Recycle, Reuse, Reward

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