Sage The Bambino Plus

    Like professional machines, the Bambino Plus can deliver third wave speciality coffee. This is made possible by the 4 keys formula. Delivering barista quality performance using a 54mm stainless steel portafilter with 18 grams of coffee for full flavour and a powerful hands-free automatic steam wand that makes microfoam milk for you ready for latte art. With a proprietary ThermoJet heating system the machine is ready to start in 3 seconds.


    54mm Portafilter

    54mm Tamper

    the Razor™ Precision Dosing Tool

    Claro Swiss Water Filter

    16 fl.oz / 480ml Stainless Steel Milk Jug

    1 & 2 Cup Dual Wall Filter Baskets

    1 & 2 Cup Single Wall Baskets

    Cleaning Tool

    Cleaning Disc

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