Kenya Coffee from Bean to Cup

This is an exciting one and goes back to the very roots of Chimney Fire Coffee.

As mentioned a few times throughout this website (well it is a big part of the story!), I was lucky enough to have several experiences at origin after landing a job with two weeks of training in London then two years living and working in Ghana, travelling to various countries to implement mapping and traceability projects in coffee, cocoa, cotton and hazelnut supply chains. One of these very first projects was working with my good friend Robert on a project in Kenya, and it was this that gave me the coffee bug and the desire to setup a coffee roasting business.

Soon after setting up Chimney Fire Coffee I asked Robert if he could produce a video documenting everything that happens to the coffee bean, from a small seedling (young coffee tree), right up until it is exported. The idea was to use this for our coffee experiences which aim to showcase the entire journey from bean to cup, including what happens at origin and the roasting process through to brewing and coffee cupping (coffee tasting).

We used the video at first but found a different format worked better, and therefore the video became a YouTube relic…..until now.

The video below was created by Robert Thuo, coffee farmer and agronomist. It’s a must watch if you want an accurate, authentic and detailed view on what happens to your coffee long before it reaches your cup.


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