Chilled Coffee Favourites

With 6am starts and temperatures hitting the mid thirties in the roastery, we’ve been experimenting with the most refreshing chilled coffee recipes to keep us caffeinated while staying cool. Here are our three favourites:

Joe’s Favourite: Espresso Tonic

Brew method: espresso

Other ingredients: good quality tonic water, ice

It turns out that the combination of tonic water plus espresso works surprisingly well and is incredibly simple to make. Just pour an espresso into a glass with tonic water and ice and the result should not only be tasty - citrusy, crisp, and refreshing - but it also looks great. Here is our recommended recipe:

  1. Fill a medium glass (around 250ml / 8oz) with ice.

  2. Pour over a good tonic and add a couple of slices of orange peel, leaving space for the coffee.

  3. Prepare a fruity espresso (around a 36g shot size) - we recommend using one of our fruitier coffees, either our Ethiopia, El Salvador or our upcoming September Discovery Coffee.

  4. Pour the espresso gently over the ice and tonic.

Tip: add a drop of Vermouth for an extra kick!

coffee cocktail

Thanks to @acockle for sharing his espresso tonic using our El Salvador coffee.

Elizabeth’s Favourite: Cold Brew

Brew method: filter / cold immersion

Other ingredients: none

It’s been great to see many of you sharing your cold brew-brewing over the past couple of weeks. It’s a great way to refresh naturally - due to the cold process and long extraction time, all of the natural sweet flavours of the bean are extracted to produce the cleanest finish. Here is an easy recipe you can follow to make cold brew at home.

  1. Pop one part coarse ground coffee with nine parts water into a sealed glass bottle - we recommend using a filter roasted coffee, such as our Ethiopia, El Salvador or the new September Discovery Coffee.

  2. Leave covered in a fridge for 18 hours.

  3. Decanter through a V60 to filter out the grinds.

  4. Store the cold brew in the fridge in a sealed container and serve chilled.

Luke’s Favourite: Iced Coffee - Vietnamese Style

Brew method: stovetop / Various

Other ingredients: condensed milk, ice

Luke is our handy man in the roastery, getting everything spick and span so he often needs a bit of an extra kick. We recently brought down some condensed milk to recreate a Vietnamese classic iced coffee and help keep Luke going with some extra sweetness. Here is our recipe:

  1. Fill a medium glass (around 250ml / 8oz) with ice.

  2. Pour over the condensed milk, leaving space for the coffee.

  3. Use your stovetop to brew an espresso sized shot (36g) of coffee. We recommend something with a little more body, such as our Peru or Brazil.

  4. Pour the coffee over the ice and condensed milk.


Much of the fun of brewing is experimenting so don’t be afraid to play around and let us know what you come up with! If you’re looking for coffee recommendations, keep an eye out for our September Discovery Coffee - we purposely released this a couple of months ahead of schedule as we feel it offers a lot in terms of cold brewing, especially for the cold brew & espresso tonic.


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