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Our February Discovery Coffee was our first biodynamic coffee so we thought we’d give a little more insight into the farming practices and benefits of biodynamic coffee farming.

What is biodynamic farming?

Similarly to organic farming there a big focus on soil health – with pesticides, herbicides and other toxic ingredients not being used at all in these two farming practices. One of the main principles of biodynamic farming is to view the farm as a living being and allowing it to be self-sufficient wherever possible. More energy and resource is put into the land and soil than taken from it which means the farm can operate almost as its own ecosystem.

Where did biodynamic farming come from?

Biodynamic farming was actually the first of the organic agriculture movements, introduced and pioneered in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher. It focused on the idea that farming should not just be about producing crops - but should also be about holistic agriculture as part of a wider spiritual philosophy. 

How does this affect my cup of coffee?

Biodynamic coffee creates a natural harmony between the earth, the coffee and the cosmos as nature intended, without the need to use systemic chemicals. Biodynamic practices can deliver a cleaner quality cup largely due to the difference between the quality of soil on biodynamic coffee farms and that on chemically sprayed ones. Biodynamic farming is encouraged by using herbs and natural fertilizer from plants and minerals to give the soil improved minerals, nutrients and water. It is essentially the difference between living and dead soils. Those who are aware of micro-biome diets should be able to relate to biodynamic farming concepts!

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