This beautiful Rwandan coffee is a temporary replacement for our Ethiopia Beshasha, with all the hallmarks of a classic East African roast - think blackcurrant, black tea, and honey. 

Rwamatamu Coffee is a family owned and run business, founded in 2015 with goals to contribute to the fight against poverty by creating local job opportunities.

The estate has 20 hectares of coffee farmland, where it both grows its own crop and purchases the cherries from affiliate cooperatives, local producer families, and smallholder farmers. These cherries are separately collected, processed, sundried, sorted, then bagged and exported as a premium product.

We think all of our coffees taste great no matter how you prepare them. Check out our Brew Guides for suggested recipes, top tips, and more. 


As a family run business, Rwamatamu strives to bring a positive social and economic impact to the Western Province, something which is achieved by committing to the regular purchase of beans from local cooperatives and small holders. They also take care to invest in the growth of employees, 80% of whom are women. In fact, Rwamatamu has its very own women produced lots, as they quote women as ‘the backbone of our society’.

Rwamatamu was founded in 2015 by husband and wife Rutaganda Gaston and Mukantwaza Laetitia as they looked for a means to support their family.

Growing up, Gaston and Laeticia’s children all had a hand in the operations of the estate. Their daughter Marie Bernice in particular took to jobs such as translating negotiations, creating educational materials, and managing marketing documents. The family is now lining things up for Bernice to take over operations of the estate as her parents retire.

Bernice and her husband Luke plan to follow in Gaston and Laeticia’s footsteps, building on the already strong foundation of Rwamatamu by expanding upon its core values of community, integrity, and sustainability.

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