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Since 2019 when we first visited Tomas at his farm on the slopes of the Llamatepec Volcano in northern El Salvador, this coffee has been a standout in our line-up. Expect a funky, fruit-forward cup that coats the mouth with strawberry wine gum goodness - if you've never had a natural processed coffee before, it's about as far from a typical supermarket blend as you can get!

If you like sweet and fruity brews as a cafetière, filter/aeropress, or even a truly kaleidoscopic espresso, this one is for you - a real Pick n' Mix. Taste notes are strawberry, wine gums, and caramel in this natural processed coffee.

We think all of our coffees taste great no matter how you prepare them. Check out our Brew Guides for suggested recipes, top tips, and more. 


The El Cipres farm is located on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano, at a height of 1,600 to 1,700 meters above sea level. Producer Don Tomas first planted the bourbon variety 10 years ago and has ensured an increase in quality year on year thanks to careful farm management and good agricultural practices. 

The coffee is protected by natural shade cover, including the surrounding mountains and Pepeto trees. Pepeto trees also provide excellent nutrients and organic matter for the soil through leaves falling and decomposing during pruning. This is a natural processed coffee, which means that during harvest season, the coffee cherries (the fruit that contains the coffee bean) are picked from the trees at the optimal time for ripeness, and taken to the drying patio where they are separated into groups depending on the level of ripeness. From here the coffee is then dried inside the cherry with careful temperature monitoring to ensure the correct moisture level is maintained. 

We are extremely pleased to work directly with Tomas, having visited his farm in 2019, and look forward to supporting the continued expansion of his farm.


El Salvador’s coffee industry has huge economic importance, with boom and bust cycles brought on by what Salvadorans refer to as ‘el grano de oro’ (the ‘grain of gold’). The climate. soil and altitude are perfectly suited for coffee production, with farms typically found from 1000 - 2365m above sea level.

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