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The roast approach for the Guatemala is similar to the Peru. However, these beans behave very differently, they hold on to their temperature quite well. As all coffees, it too, demands a lot of care and attention. It popping sounds of this one are very loud and distinct. Last pops of first crack, and it’s the cooling tray.



Brew Method: Aeropress
Grind Size: Medium
Coffee: 18 grams
Water: 90ml (just off the boil)
Brew Time: 1 mins 35 seconds
For us, this yields a lovely sweet coffee which stays true to the inherent qualities our Guatemala, Las Esmeralda offers. Should you want to add milk, this brewing method offers enough body for milk to cut through it.
The Aeropress is one of our favourite brewers thanks to the versatility it offers. The inverted method gives me more control while brewing as all the ground coffee is in contact with the water during the brewing period.
Bonus tip: when drinking our coffees black it pays off to give the brews time to cool down as this will give the flavours a chance to open up even more.
You can find more details on this brew method in our brew guides.


ALTITUDE | 1,550-1,650 MASL
Founded in 1842 with 100 hectares, Finca Medina is located in the foothills of the Agua volcano on the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala City.

Finca Medina combines the most modern technology with traditional techniques for the production of Antigua coffee, according to their sustainability commitment. Each coffee batch is evaluated in their laboratory to verify the traceability, quality, fragrance, aroma, flavour, balance, sweetness, and all the different cup profiles that make a great speciality coffee.

Coffee from the Antigua Guatemala region is internationally acclaimed for its unique characteristics: fragrance, floral aroma, light body and balance, mild notes of chocolate, good taste, and acidity levels.
This coffee is both UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified. Finca Medina satisfies the standards for sustainable production in the environment, and has diverse initiatives directed towards the preservation of the rainforest. It also supports diverse programs focused on the wellbeing of the families that live and work in the farm, including free dental and health care for farmworkers and their families.
To learn more about how this coffee went from a Google search to landing at our roastery, check out our blog post From Finca Medina to Finca Denbies: The Story of our Newest Guatemalan Coffee.