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An espresso for the ages. 

The Revival Espresso Blend is born from our desire to combine the rich flavour and aroma of traditional Italian espresso with the responsible, transparent sourcing of modern speciality coffee.

A throwback to simpler times and holidays abroad, it's a morning pick-me-up in a quiet backstreet café. It's a cappuccino in a beach front bar, with the summer sun on your back. A slowly sipped cafetière on your balcony, the shady piazza below gradually coming to life.

And why Revival? To breathe new life into an iconic taste, and to ready you for the long day ahead. 


The Revival Espresso Blend combines coffees from two small cooperatives:

APECAFEQ was established in 1996 and now boasts over 400 members. Situated around the town of Quinchia in Colombia's UNESCO designated Paisaje Cultural Cafetero (Cultural Coffee Landscape), they produce around 400 tons of coffee annually. Their goal is the continuous improvement of coffee production, with training on better practices and follow-ups for its members.

JUMARP is located in the Amazonian Andes in northern Peru. The coop were formed by 35 small farmers in 2003, and now has over 236 coop members. They have recently invested in wet mill, storage, and cupping lab infrastructure, with speciality coffee premiums used to supply members with fertilisers and hands-on training through on-farm visits.

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