Sweet, Orange, Marmalade 

Producer: Northern Coffee Corporation Ltd (NCCL)

Number of Estates: 5 (Ngoli, Isanya, Kateshi, Luombe, Nsunzu)

Cultivated Area: 2,200 Ha

Irrigation: Central pivot irrigation system

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C, AtSource and CAFÉ Practices.

Altitude: 1,300 - 1,550 masl

Temperature: Avg summer: 21-22C

High: 36-38C October

Low: 3C early morn July

Rainfall: 1,100mm per annum

Primary Varietal: Catimor 129

Specialty Varietals: Java, Miracle and Marsellesa

Processing: Fully Washed, Natural, Anaerobic

Natural and Honey

Port of Shipment: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Shipment Period: September - February


The Region

The Northern province of Zambia shares its borders with Tanzania to the East and D.R. Congo to the North. It also occupies the southern shore of Lake Tanganyika - the world’s longest fresh-water lake, and the largest in Africa by
volume. Northern province has the best conditions for arabica coffee cultivation in Zambia with its relative proximity to the equator and abundant altitude (Mafinga Hills being the highest point in the country at 2,300masl). The local economy is dominated by agriculture with coffee being a primary cash crop alongside subsistence crops such as maize, millet, groundnuts and beans. The mountainous terrain and lack of transport infrastructure makes this region challenging to work in, but also one most in need of the investment and development which the coffee industry can bring.

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