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Our Natural Decaf Espresso uses the most environmentally friendly decaffeination technique available today, known as the EA (Ethyl Acetate) or sugarcane method, creating a great coffee with all the taste but none of the caffeine. Expect classic espresso notes of chocolate and malt, with a lovely mellow finish.

Ethyl Acetate is a natural compound derived from cane sugar, which grows naturally on the Colombian farms alongside the coffee cherries. The processed coffee beans are steamed to open their pores, then soaked for several hours in a solution of water and EA to draw out the caffeine. This caffeinated water is then syphoned off and sold to soft drink companies such as Red Bull (!!), and the beans are steamed one final time to remove any traces of the solution. 

Removing the caffeine this way not only means no nasty chemicals are used, but zero additional food miles are required as the coffee is decaffeinated at source instead of in a factory elsewhere. It is quite gentle on the coffee beans overall and no flavour is lost during the process - this easy-going coffee tastes great any time of the day or night. 

We think all of our coffees taste great no matter how you prepare them. Check out our Brew Guides for suggested recipes, top tips, and more. 


Pre-treatment - hot water is applied to the green beans, making them swell and soften, starting to strip the caffeine from the coffee beans.

Extraction - The coffee is then washed with EA to strip caffeine. This procedure has to be done several times until at least 97% of the caffeine is removed. Afterwards steam is applied to the beans to remove any traces of the EA.

Post-treatment - the coffee is dried to reduce humidity down to between 10% and 12%, then cooled quickly to ambient temperature and polished to protect against mould. Then it is ready to be packed!


Taste & quality - We first tasted this coffee around a year ago and were really surprised how there was none of that typical decaf aftertaste - it just tasted like a high quality Colombian speciality coffee (around an 85 point score).

Location - typically the decaf coffee we receive here in the UK is decaffeinated in large plants in Europe. The entire process of our natural decaf is done in origin in Colombia, not far from the farm in Hulia, which means a lot of the value stays at origin.

Natural process - EA is a naturally occurring solvent found in food. For example, a ripe banana contains about 20 times more EA than what is used in the decaffination process

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