Hotchocolatte Bundle


Treat yourself this Easter to a delicious chocolate drink with a twist with our Chimney Fire Coffee x Nourish & Glow Hotchocolatte Bundle - packed full of health benefits! Contains:

1 x 250g bag Americas House Espresso
1 x 250g bag Nourish & Glow Ceremonial Cacao
Packaged in a branded Chimney Fire Coffee tote bag

Limited stock only. 

Nourish & Glow Ceremonial Cacao

This high quality raw cacao from local Surrey Hills brand Nourish & Glow is crammed full of health-giving properties:

40 times the antioxidants of Blueberries

Highest known source of plant based Iron

Full of Magnesium for a healthy heart and a sharp brain

More Calcium than cow’s milk

A natural mood elevator and anti-depressant

Allergen free

Vegan friendly

Hand shaved Cacao Paste - as unprocessed as you can get


Choccy Cold Brew

What you’ll need:

Pre-ground Americas House Espresso

Ceremonial Cacao by Nourish & Glow

Cold brew maker or cafetière

Kitchen scale [optional]


Place your vessel on a kitchen scale if you have one, and fill almost to the top with cold water. Use filtered water for the cleanest taste.

Note down how much water fits in, and divide this number by 10. This is how much dry coffee/chocolate you need to use - a 1:10 ratio of dry mix to water is ideal!

Measure out the dry mix using 50% coffee and 50% dark chocolate/cacao. A Hario Cold Brew Bottle fits 700ml water comfortably, so you would use 35g pre-ground coffee and 35g shaved dark chocolate/cacao.

If you are using a cafetière then put the plunger to one side and pour the dry mix directly into the water. If you are using a cold brew maker then put it into the filter and submerge.

Put your vessel into the fridge door and leave for at least 12 hours/overnight. We like to leave ours for 18 hours for a rich and sweet brew.

When you’re ready to drink your Choccy Cold Brew, remove from the fridge and take out the filter, or if you have a cafetière insert the plunger and slowly push down.

Pour into your favourite glass or mug, and enjoy either black or with milk for an extra creamy drink!

TOP TIP: If using a cafetière, you may find a little sediment is left in your drink after plunging. To filter this out, strain your Choccy Cold Brew through a paper filter or cheesecloth before drinking.

Iced Hotchocolatte

What you’ll need:

A mug with ice (optional, depending on if you want a hot or cold drink)

250ml Milk or your favourite alternative

Double espresso shot, compostable Nespresso pod, or a condensed Aeropress (we recommend Americas House Espresso)

20g Ceremonial Cacao by Nourish & Glow

A way to steam milk - either your espresso machine, or a pan to heat the milk + a cafetiere (see method below)


Make a hot chocolate:

If you have an espresso machine with a steam wand, add the chocolate/cacao into your milk and steam until it is combined into a hot chocolate.

If you don’t have an espresso machine with a steam wand, simply heat your milk and chocolate/cacao in a pan (make sure it doesn’t boil or it will scald and go sour), then pour into a cafetière and pump the plunger up and down repeatedly. This will foam up your milk nicely!

Pour hot chocolate into your mug (with ice, for a cold beverage)

Brew your espresso and pour over the top. If you have a heat-proof glass, watch the beautiful patterns being made as the coffee sinks to the bottom 😍

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